"Adventures with Brownie is not just another photo shoot, it is an adventure." 


Every awesome adventure captures the most gorgeous traditional poses since it's a staple to every photo shoot. Tons of genuine expressions when you think I'm not watching. I capture beautiful laughter that screams happiness. Sprinkle lifestyle-candid shots that truly tell your story and set the mood. Your adventure is filled with this and so. much. more! All adventures are 45 minutes to 1 hour. 


Heck Yeah!



25 Professionally Edited, Hi-Res Color Images

Online Proofing Gallery

Image Print Release





50-75 Professionally Edited, Hi-Res Color Images

Online Fully Edited Gallery

Image Print Release 

Special Adventure Gift

*Adventure pricing is for couples (dating, married, expecting) and/or families of 3. Additional person fee: $25/each

*Miami-Dade County & Palm Beach Adventures are subject to a $15 travel fee. Adventure pricing is for 1 location.

Knock off $15 if a weekday adventure is booked on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday in Broward County. Not only do you save but, there are a lot less people with plenty of parking! Give the kids a day off school and play hookie at work! I won't tell a soul. Not valid with any special sales or promotions.


As your photographer I'm honored to create a product and wonderful service that lasts a lifetime. It is important to me that ya'll are fulfilled with your adventure experience to then become your photographer for life. Having a consistent photographer in your life builds a bond; especially when working with children! The next time little Billy sees me he won't be as nervous and neither will you because we have established trust. Oh yes, fur kids are always welcome! 

Investment includes my time away from home, travel to and from location (Fort Lauderdale, FL)*, photographic creative eye, shooting time, consultations and post-processing of final gallery images.  

A non-refundable retainer of $75 is due at time of booking to reserve date with a signed contract. Pending balance is due day of in cash, Venmo payment to @browniesthebest, bank epay to kat.izaguirre@gmail.com or Paypal "gift" payment to kat.izaguirre@gmail.com. 

Pricing is non-negotiable and non-transferable. Pricing is subject to change.

Let's book your adventure today!


Q. Do you use any props, themes or set-ups?

A. Your adventure shouldn't be about zillions of props, crazy set-ups nor extravagant themes! If that's you cup of joe, we might not be the best match! (And that's perfectly okay!) The ideal adventurers want to remember this special moment in their lives as real as it is. With a location that has a gorgeous backdrop and we can have fun without having little Billy holding a random object! 

Q. I'm torn between both packages. What are the main differences between mini & full?

A. The only difference is the amount of images you receive at the end of your adventure. I always encourage the full package because you'll fall in love with every single image. I am that confident! 

Q. I can't afford either packages but, would love for you to shoot us! Do you negotiate pricing?

A. Pricing is non-negotiable. I work my tail off to offer not only professional images but, amazing customer service. From the moment we book your family adventure I am a phone call, text or email away. My work shift doesn't end on the day we meet! Your investment covers up until the moment I deliver your images! 

Q. There are cheaper photographers out there, why should I book you?

A. When you go to Starbucks you choose it over a home brewed Publix brand for a reason. You prefer a better quality coffee or the way it makes you feel cozy inside after a long day at work. Maybe you choose to pay a few extra dollars as a birthday treat or because no matter how much you save with the Publix brand, the Starbucks coffee is that much better. Replace Starbucks with a me and Publix with a cheaper photographer. No offense to any photographer of course!

Your photo shoot is an extra happy add-on to your daily life. You're spoiling yourself with having me capture priceless memories! Drink a few less latte's and stay clear of the mall! Trust me, when you really break it down it's affordable and totally worth it!