Rodriguez Family Adventure | Robbins Lodge Park, FL | Broward Maternity Photographer

Trendy. Fearless. Sunny.

"Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family: Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one." - Lydia Sweatt


Barreto Maternity Adventure | Davie, FL | Miami Family Photography

Strong. Happy. Hard-Working.

“A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten and the future worth living for.” - Author Unknown


Best Adventure Initial Reaction: Eeeeekkkk!! Oh. My. God. I'm literally crying looking at them on my phone. Thank you!


My Favorite Adventure Memory: I first met these cuties when Gemma was in the belly. 6 years later, here I am shooting a second bump! As I shot this maternity session it warmed my heart knowing I had such an honor and was fortunate and blessed to call Joe and Marisa my friends. I’ve captured their engagement and wedding along with multiple family adventures! Thank you from the bottom of my brown heart.


Book Your Adventure: Expecting a sweet bundle of joy? Let's set up a beach, in-home or wherever your heart desires adventure right now! Book via the contact tab or shoot me an email at Best decision of your life!

Zieschang Family Adventure | Bradenton, FL Family Photography

Fresh. Beaming. Special.

"Family is not the important thing. It is everything." - Michael J. Fox


Favorite Adventure Memory: I was really fortunate to have Christina contact me to capture her beautiful family in Bradenton, FL. Just a hop and skip away from Miami, how could I say no? I loved feeling the cool weather all over us while the beautiful light sunkissed simultaneously. It took my breath away. It's the little moments when I stop and take a look at what my job is that really reminds me how much I love it!


Book Your Adventure: Let's set up a beach, in-home or wherever your heart desires adventure right now! Book via the contact tab or shoot me an email at Best decision of your life!

Mother's Day In-Home Adventures | Miami, FL Family Photographer

Sweet. Honest. Tear-Jerker.

"My mom is definitely my rock." - Alicia Keys

This year I decided to retire mini sessions and want to go in a different direction when it comes to the holidays. I also want to continue challenging myself and connect more with my clients and transition to a little more lifestyle but, still keeping my signature traditional posing.

With that said, the life of a mom is a constant whirlwind! Cooking endless meals, cleaning, picking up toys, running errands I mean, I can go on and on about the good, the bad, the ugly. #realtalk But you know those moments? The special ones that you hold so dear to your heart. When your little ones first start telling you that they love you or when they come home from daycare and say how much they missed you all day. Or when they want you to cuddle with them and give you random tiny kisses! These are the moments that need to be hanging up on your walls!

This year I want to capture you awesome superhero mom's with your kids in the comfort of your own home. Every mom deserves to have special portraits with their littles while they're still small! We all know how in a blink of an eye they're off to college. Let's capture your special love today! The best part is you never have to leave your house!

Mother's Day

In-Home Adventures


45 Minutes to 1 Hour

25 Professionally Edited, Hi-Res Color Images

Online Proofing Gallery

Image Print Release

*Mom + 1 Child (6+ Months) | Additional Child $50 | Upgrade All Images $75

What To Expect: A lot of fun! The goal is to run, laugh, tell your kids stories, anything is game including a lot of tickling! I want to capture ya'll comfortably being real and creating a lot of great memories in the comfort of your home. 

Dates: Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday or Sundays in April Only.

Location: 100% in your home, whether you live in an apartment or house. We can shoot these in your front or back yard. Or your kids bedrooms or your very own master bedroom. Is the living room or kitchen the heart of the your home? Let's do it there! We will choose one spot and stick to it for most of our adventure.

Pre-Planning Consultation: After booking we will plan it all out. This is key so when I arrive day of we can just have fun stress-free. We will finalize an "activity" beforehand. For example, playing with bubbles in the front yard, baking cookies in the kitchen, swimming in your pool with fun floaties, drawing in your kids playroom.. the skies the limit.

Can Dad Be Included?: These are not to be confused with a family shoot. (Which you can totally shoot me an email if you prefer this type of adventure.) Give dad the afternoon off! If he wants to hang out while I'm shooting , no problem! I don't mind taking a few snaps at the end of our adventure so he doesn't feel left out.

Super Excited! Let's Do It!: Shoot me an email at or via the contact tab with subject: Mommy & Me. Please include the date of interest and how many kids you call your own! I will then whip up a contract and ask for 50% non-refundable retainer to reserve your adventure.