Beach Maternity Photography

Meghan + Ralph's Adventure | Lincoln Road | Miami Beach, FL Maternity Photography

Fierce. Strong. Beautiful.

"There is no better feeling than the movement of life inside of you." - Unknown


Their Adventure Testimonial: A simple hashtag on Instagram would led me to the best photographer ever! A day or two before leaving to Miami for a baby-moon, I thought it would be a great idea to have maternity pictures taken while there. I found Kathy browsing through the hashtag #southbeachmaternity. I've been amazed with her from that point on! Kathy was professional, detailed, and prompt. She left me with no worries or questions. To top it off, her bubbly, optimistic personality exuded through her emails before we even met. Our photo session was definitely an adventure that we did not want to end. Kathy made two newbies to a photoshoot feel like pros! Our only dilemma was picking out which pictures we loved the most, because we loved them all! I would recommend Kathy to anyone near or far.  


Favorite Adventure Memory: The coolest thing that happened with this maternity adventure was how Meghan and Ralph booked me! A simple hashtag #miamimaternityphotography brought her to my Instagram account and the following day we were in the middle of Lincoln Road shooting! 


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