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Mercy Vallina | Stamped By Sloan's Adventure | Vendors I Love

Dreamer. Empowered. Girl Boss.

"Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back." 

Our Adventurous Experience, Brownie's Words: Crazy how you can meet someone so many years ago and the next minute you're watching them follow their dreams. Many moons ago I met Mercy Vallina, the gorgeous founder and creative director of Stamped By Sloan. And today we are two talented artists collaborating. My, my how I love the twists and turns of life. #yolo

Mercy makes handcraft stamped metal jewelry for women in the hopes that it will help them become more empowered. She strongly believes woman are stronger together than apart. Empowered woman empower woman. With her pieces she provides words of encouragement that hang near your heart and around your wrist. #genius They are not only unique but, have a really cool, hipster flair. Ever woman should own one and express how they feel. Check her stunning cuffs and necklace line in her nifty online shop. The "Goal Digger" cuff is a staple piece and favorite!

Mercy is fuego. This girl puts the girl in #girlboss. She was a delight to shoot. Carefree. No matter what bush I made her stand in the middle of, there she went! We laughed way too much and truly appreciated her spirit. She's young, strong and ready to take over the jewelry world. One stamped metal piece at a time.