Love is in the air. I can smell it. Feel it. Le sigh, love is so wonderful.

With that said, thank you so much for feeding your curiosity and making a pit stop on this lovely day! I figured Valentine's Day lands on a random Tuesday, so why not kick-off the weekend with a killer sale! Click the packages below to see normal pricing and then knock off special from that amount!



Yes! You read right! $75 off Mini and Full Adventures! Heck if you bring me an iced coffee I'll love you forever! #seewhatididthere Fine! I'll throw in a killer Instagram collage of my favorites.

1. Who should book?

This is a great special for those who are dating or engaged and on a budget! Quality and professional work you've been eyeing for months! Or a family who needs to upgrade those snazzy pictures around their home! I mean, little Billy could use a new shot to replace the one where he streaked when he was 4 years old. & Let's not forget Abuelita Maggie who has been hounding you for pictures every. single. time. she sees you. #ispeakthetruth #latinhouseholdraised

2. How many of these specials are available?

I am only offering this to a total of 8 future adventurers! Meaning only 2 Mini and 2 Full Family Adventures are available. Plus,  2 Mini & 2 Full Couples Adventures! Don't delay! 

3. Locations up for grabs! 

Matheson Hammocks Park, Tree Tops Park, Robbins Lodge Park, Gerynolds Park (Sundays Only), Schenley Park (Sundays Only), Enchanted Forest Elaine Gordon Park.

4. I'm so excited but, need time to think! 

No worries, I understand this is an investment but, :coughs: a heck of an amazing experience! Cupid's Sale ends Friday, February 17th, 2017. #nopressure

5. Not so FINE PRINT. 

Offer is only valid for April & May dates. Location must be one listed above. Normal pricing will incur if location is not on the list. No rescheduling will be done unless there's a tsunami outside or Brownies says weather is not ideal. Please triple check your dates and plan accordingly. Open to couples and family of 3 and 4 members. This special is not transferable nor can be gifted. Non-refundable $75 retainer and signed contract reserves the date.

6. How do I book? Adventure Awaits!

Shoot me an email using the contact form or at hi@adventureswithbrownie.com. Please feel free to ask me any questions. It will be my honor to shoot you! Subject: Cupid's Sale and I will happily virtually hug you and go over the booking process.


Tear jerker slash long post.

For anyone who has supported me for the last 6 years and are reading this, I am so grateful for your virtual time. It has been a pleasure sharing my roller coaster photography life with ya'll.

About 2-3 years ago I lost track of who I was as a photographer and what I truly wanted to shoot. I lost my passion. I stopped shooting things I love and shot what was expected of me. I would stop and think about every single word/post making sure it was PG, not offending anyone, not alcohol related not this and that.. because I had created this super cookie cutter persona called Brownie. But, what people didn't understand is that Brownie and Kathy are the same person. LOL Only I have a permanent tan. #imsofunny #dontbejelly

I started thinking maybe I'm nuts. But, then I had a mishap happen on my Facebook page where I cursed when the Miami Heat won the championship! #heckyeah And hell froze over. #literally

To this day I still think it's silly that I was torn apart by strangers for cursing over my excitement. #firstworldproblems It wasn't directed to anyone nor did I do it to stir drama. It was meant for my personal Facebook and apparently I didn't switch. #ripblackberry But, you see I never apologized for it, cause well I curse when the Miami Heat win championships! That's that.

However, I started "acting" like someone who wasn't me and did it to please virtual strangers. I would shoot kid parties, newborns, etc.. just so people would see "Hey! I'm super PG and you need to hire me because I can make a kid laugh!" #kidsloveme

Unless you met me in person you truly saw that I'm the best thing since sliced bread. I'm still Brownie, sweet thang who loves life but, I also am 30 and just like you. I love me some Johnnie. I love to laugh a lot. I take pictures kissing my boyfriend and documenting out love. I travel and go wild and free! I love to try new beers all the time. I wear shirts with sarcastic and funny sayings. I hold a kid while drinking a beer at a party. I dress up when I go out. #scandalous I stay out late and still work the next day! I also, go to church twice a month and thank God for my blessings. I adore my mom. I am human.

Fast forward.

The more time passes, the more I realize I don't love weddings, I like them. I don't love shooting newborns, I just love snuggling with them. I love shooting families but, not all the time. But, I love love and I love shooting people who accept me as I am.

It's time to close one chapter and start fresh with another.

My point is I think we all go through several moments in our life when we can choose to let strangers, family, and/or peers discourage us from what we FEEL and BELIEVE is something we WANT and LOVE. Even when you fall out off the rails of your path, remember someone out there believes in you... and that person is YOU.

You are amazing,