"Jobs fill your pockets. Adventures fill your soul." - Jaime Lyn Beatty


Heck Yeah!

WEEKEND Mini Adventure


30 Minutes* - Sunset

25 Professionally Edited, Hi-Res Color Images

1 Spot/Area Within 1 Location

Online Proofing Gallery

Image Print Release

*100% Timed Session


WEEKEND Full Adventure


1 to 1.5 Hours - Sunset

50+ Professionally Edited, Hi-Res Color & B/W Images

Various Spots/Areas Within 1 Location

Online Gallery

Image Print Release 

Special Adventure Gift

WEEKDAY ADVENTURE SAVINGS: Knock off $25 If Adventure Is Booked Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

Additional 5th, 6th Person Fee: $25/Each



As your family photographer I'm honored to create a product and wonderful service that lasts a lifetime. It is important to me that ya'll are fulfilled with your adventure experience to then become your photographer for life. Having a consistent photographer in your child's life builds a bond. Next time little Billy sees me he won't be as nervous, scared and since we now have trust it will create more genuine expressions! Oh yes, fur kids are always welcome!  

Investment covers up to a family of 4. Additional fee will incur for each extra person, noted above. It also includes my time away from home, travel to and from location Miami-Dade county*, photographic creative eye, consultations and post-processing of final gallery images.  

A non-refundable retainer of $75 is due at time of booking to reserve date with a signed contract. Pending balance is due day of in cash, Venmo payment to @browniesthebest, bank epay to kat.izaguirre@gmail.com or Paypal "gift" payment to kat.izaguirre@gmail.com. 

Please note if you pay in full at booking you receive 10% off. #nopressure

Pricing is non-negotiable and non-transferable. Pricing is subject to change. *Broward County has an additional $15 travel fee. Palm Beach County has an additional $25 travel fee.

Let's book your adventure today!


Q. Do you use any props, themes or set-ups?

A. Your adventure shouldn't be about zillions of props, crazy set-ups nor extravagant themes! If that's you cup of joe, we might not be the best match! (And that's perfectly okay!) The ideal adventurers want to remember this special moment in their lives as real as it is. With a location that has a gorgeous backdrop and we can have fun without having little Billy holding a random object! 

Q. I'm torn between both packages. What are the main differences between mini & full adventures?

A. Two main differences off the bat are length & amount of images for each package.

Mini: I arrive 30 minutes before your adventure and choose 1 gorgeous spot/area that we will stick with for a timed 30 minutes. We will not move from set spot/area. This helps in not wasting time moving to different spots/areas and focusing only on capturing your family. Different angles and focal lengths are to be expected.

Full: We will move around approximately 3-4 times within the chosen location. This will add additional variety of backdrops & lighting. You are welcome to two outfit changes.

Q. I'm on a tight budget but, want variety of poses. Will the mini adventure capture that?

A. You will definitely have a gallery with variety! Rest assure not all images will look the same if that's what you fear! Please note this is a timed 30 minutes of fun! I promise a minimum of 15 images to max 25 images. This is for someone who wants an experienced photographer with great quality of work; yet can't overly splurge! 

Q. I can't afford either packages but, would love for you to shoot us! Do you negotiate pricing?

A. Pricing is non-negotiable. I work my tail off to offer not only professional images but, amazing customer service. From the moment we book your family adventure I am a phone call, text or email away. My work shift doesn't end on the day we meet! Your investment covers up until the moment I deliver your images! Keep a look-out for future micro mini marathons! Follow me on Instagram, @adventureswithbrownie.

Q. Do you offer payment plans?

A. Of course I do! Drink a few less latte's at Starbucks and stay clear of the mall! Trust me, when you really break it down it's affordable! Let's chat about the perfect plan for you!